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Football Fitness: Brats with a Burn

Posted in Football and Fitness on April 27, 2011 by footballfantoday

By William Lynch

The NFL season is rapidly approaching and we all know what that means, suds and buds in front of a 52 inch HDTV watching the biggest and baddest athletes smashing heads for our entertainment. The  question is do like football or do you love it? Do you watch your favorite team or do you watch every second of broadcast action every weekend? If you’re like me you are the latter, a true football fanatic!

On a typical Sunday during the regular season there are three broadcast games totaling over nine hours of football, not to mention two hours of pregame and another hour of post game highlights. Let’s just say on Sunday in my household it’s football all day long. But it’s not all hard-hitting action.

A recent study determined that on average there is only 11 minutes of action during a NFL game. What? It’s true; take away huddles, time outs, instant replays, penalties, half time and the biggest of all, commercials and you are left with a measly 11 minutes. Hardly enough time to hard boil an egg. Now I enjoy watching the instant replays and various shots of players and cheerleaders but I can do without the commercials. Here is where we are burn our 1000 calories.

During one game there is about 40 to 45 minutes of commercials, a complete waste of time until now. The average commercial break lasts two and a half minutes which just happens to be the perfect amount of time to get off the couch and do some highly effective full body exercises to boost our metabolism and burn calories.

First exercise I would suggest is the field goal squat. First get your base, feet just wider then shoulder width and toes pointed slightly out. Raise your hands above your head like the referee would after a made field goal. Squat down slowly like you are going to sit back on the couch and when your butt touches the couch, without completely sitting, pause and return to the starting position, that’s one repetition or rep. Repeat for the duration of the commercial break being sure to keep strict form. Make a note of how many you did and challenge yourself to complete more as the game and season goes on.

Another great one is the touchdown lunge twist. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and hands out in front of your chest with your elbows slightly bent. It helps to actually hold something light in your hands to keep proper form. Take one bigger than normal step forward and bend at the knees. In the down position twist from side to side then return to the starting position. Now do the other leg and repeat for reps.

These are just two great examples of full body metabolism boosting calorie burning exercises. You can also do jumping jacks, sit ups,  and push ups. The possibilities are endless. The point is to get up and move during the game and not just to the fridge for some more snacks during commercials. The great Herschel Walker would challenge himself with push ups and sit ups during commercial breaks. He’s the perfect example of what health and fitness can do for you.